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{{modelDecks.totalDecks}} decks

If you want to see which decks you can build with your current collection, go to the Tracked decks page
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Name Source Color Date
{{}} {{formatScraperKey(iDeck.scraperTypeId, true)}} {{moment(iDeck.dateCreated).format('YYYY-MM-DD')}}

{{}} from {{formatScraperKey(modelDeckSelected.scraperTypeId, true)}}

Main ({{displayTotalCards(modelDeckSelected.cardsMain)}} cards)

{{t.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(t.values)}})
{{c.amount}}x {{}}

{{zone.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(zone.value)}} cards)

(No {{zone.key}})

{{t.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(t.values)}})
{{c.amount}}x {{}}

Main deck mana curve
(Click for details)
  • {{m.nbCards}}
  • 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
{{modelDeckSelectedCardsForManaCurve.reduce((a, b) => a + b.amount, 0)}} cards costing {{modelDeckSelectedManaCurveCostSelected}} mana or more


{{numeral('0,0')}} {{numeral(modelUser.collection.inventory.gems).format('0,0')}} {{numeral(modelUser.collection.inventory.vaultProgress).format('0.0')}} %
{{modelUser.collection.inventory.wildcards.Common}} {{modelUser.collection.inventory.wildcards.Uncommon}} {{modelUser.collection.inventory.wildcards.Rare}} {{modelUser.collection.inventory.wildcards.Mythic}}
Loading economic reports...

Stats (Limited)

This can take some time to load with a lot of matches...

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  {{(modelUser.collection.inventory.boosters.filter(i => i.set ===[0] || { count: 0}).count}} unopened pack(s)
Mystical Archive
{{set.nbOwned}} / {{set.nbTotal}}
{{ => i.notInBooster === false && i.set === && i.rarity === rarity).reduce(function(a, b) { return a + b.amount; }, 0) }} / {{modelSets.filter(function(i) { return === && i.rarity === rarity; }).reduce(function(a, b) { return a + b.totalCards; }, 0) * 4}}
{{getCompletionPct(, rarity)}}
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{{modelUserCollectionFiltered.filtered.reduce((a, b) => a + b.amount, 0)}} cards {{modelUserCollectionFiltered.filters.showMissing ? 'missing' : 'collected'}} with these filters

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  • {{c.amount}}x {{}}

MTGA Decks

This can take some time to load with a lot of matches...
No decks to display
  Deck name / Color Most played format Win rate Last played More stats!
{{s.winRateNbMatches}} match matches
{{(s.winRateNbMatches === 0 ? 'N/A' : numeral(s.winRate).format('0.0 %'))}}
{{(s.winRateNbMatches === 0 ? 'N/A' : s.lastPlayed)}}

Deck stats for: {{modelMtgaDeckSelected.deckName}}

Format Matches played Wins Losses Win rate
{{f.key}} {{f.values.length}} {{f.values.reduce((a, b) => a + (b.outcome === 'Victory' ? 1 : 0), 0)}} {{f.values.reduce((a, b) => a + (b.outcome === 'Defeat' ? 1 : 0), 0)}} {{numeral(f.values.reduce((a, b) => a + (b.outcome === 'Victory' ? 1 : 0), 0) * 100 / f.values.length).format('0.0')}} %
Advanced stats

Cards in the deck

Main ({{displayTotalCards(modelMtgaDeckSelected.cardsMain)}} cards)

{{t.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(t.values)}})
{{c.amount}}x {{}}

{{zone.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(zone.value)}} cards)

(No {{zone.key}})

{{t.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(t.values)}})
{{c.amount}}x {{}}

Main deck mana curve
(Click for details)
  • {{m.nbCards}}
  • 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
{{modelDeckSelectedCardsForManaCurve.reduce((a, b) => a + b.amount, 0)}} cards costing {{modelDeckSelectedManaCurveCostSelected}} mana or more

Matches played

Date Event VS Outcome First turn Length
{{moment(m.startDateTime).format('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss')}} {{m.eventName}} {{m.opponentName}}
{{m.outcome}} {{m.firstTurn}} {{moment.utc(m.secondsCount * 1000).format('HH:mm:ss')}}


No activity
Date Cards Gold Gems XP Vault Wildcards Boosters Games (W-L) Rank
{{moment('YYYY-MM-DD')}} {{numeral(h.newCardsCount).format('+0,0')}}   {{numeral(h.goldChange).format('+0,0')}}   {{numeral(h.gemsChange).format('+0,0')}}   {{numeral(h.xpChange).format('+0,0')}}   {{numeral(h.vaultProgressChange).format('+0,0.0')}}%   {{numeral(h.wildcardsChange.Common).format('+0,0')}} {{numeral(h.wildcardsChange.Uncommon).format('+0,0')}} {{numeral(h.wildcardsChange.Rare).format('+0,0')}} {{numeral(h.wildcardsChange.Mythic).format('+0,0')}} {{numeral(booster.value).format('+0,0')}} {{h.wins}} - {{h.losses}} {{numeral(h.wins / (h.wins + h.losses)).format('0,0.0%')}}

< Previous day History for {{moment('YYYY-MM-DD')}} Next day >

Back to History for {{moment('YYYY-MM-DD')}} < Previous match Match #{{modelUserHistorySelected2.matches.length - => i.matchId).indexOf(modelUserHistoryMatchSelected.matchId)}} of {{moment('YYYY-MM-DD')}} Next match >



{{moment(g.startDateTime).format('YYYY-MM-DD HH:mm:ss')}} - Game #{{idx+1}} - On the {{g.firstTurn}} - {{g.outcome}} in {{moment.utc(g.secondsCount * 1000).format('HH:mm:ss')}}
No opponent cards seen

Starting hand
You mulliganed {{g.mulliganCount}} times
Opponent mulliganed {{g.mulliganCountOpponent}} times
By Turn
Turn {{t.key}}
{{cardTurn.player == 1 ? 'You' : 'Opponent'}} {{cardTurn.action.toLowerCase()}} {{}}

Browse your tracked decks in relation to your collection

Decks are presented in ascending order of their missing cards weight (wildcards needed for you to complete them).

{{modelUserDecks.decks.filter((i) => i.priorityFactor > 0).length}} decks tracked / {{modelUserDecks.totalDecks}} total
Filters (Press Enter)
Showing {{paginatedDecksTracked.length}} of {{modelUserDecksFiltered.decks.length}} decks filtered
  Name and source Color Date Missing wildcards Missing cards
{{formatScraperKey(iDeck.scraperTypeId, true)}}
M: none {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingMain.Mythic}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingMain.RareNonLand}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingMain.RareLand}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingMain.Uncommon}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingMain.Common}}
S: none {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingSideboard.Mythic}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingSideboard.RareNonLand}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingSideboard.RareLand}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingSideboard.Uncommon}} {{iDeck.wildcardsMissingSideboard.Common}}
{{numeral(iDeck.missingWeight).format('0,0')}} (untracked)
Select a deck to see its details

Main ({{displayTotalCards(modelUserDeckSelected.cardsMain)}} cards)

{{t.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(t.values)}})
{{c.nbMissing}}   {{c.amount}}x {{}}

{{zone.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(zone.value)}} cards)

(No {{zone.key}})

{{t.key}} ({{displayTotalCards(t.values)}})
{{c.nbMissing}}   {{c.amount}}x {{}}

Missing cards summary

{{modelUserDeckSelected.cardsMain.filter(i => i.rarity === 'Mythic').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0) + modelUserDeckSelected.cardsNotMainByZone.reduce((a, b) => a.concat(b.value), []).filter(i => i.rarity === 'Mythic').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0)}} {{modelUserDeckSelected.cardsMain.filter(i => i.rarity === 'Rare').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0) + modelUserDeckSelected.cardsNotMainByZone.reduce((a, b) => a.concat(b.value), []).filter(i => i.rarity === 'Rare').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0)}} {{modelUserDeckSelected.cardsMain.filter(i => i.rarity === 'Uncommon').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0) + modelUserDeckSelected.cardsNotMainByZone.reduce((a, b) => a.concat(b.value), []).filter(i => i.rarity === 'Uncommon').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0)}} {{modelUserDeckSelected.cardsMain.filter(i => i.rarity === 'Common').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0) + modelUserDeckSelected.cardsNotMainByZone.reduce((a, b) => a.concat(b.value), []).filter(i => i.rarity === 'Common').reduce(function(i, j) { return j.nbMissing + i; }, 0)}}
Set Count Weight
{{c.set}} {{c.nbMissing}} {{numeral(c.missingWeightTotal).format('0,0.0')}}

Main deck mana curve
(Click for details)
  • {{m.nbCards}}
  • 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7+
{{modelDeckSelectedCardsForManaCurve.reduce((a, b) => a + b.amount, 0)}} cards costing {{modelDeckSelectedManaCurveCostSelected}} mana or more

You must track decks first

Based on missing cards that are a part of the {{modelUserDecks.decks.filter((i) => i.priorityFactor > 0).length}} decks currently tracked.

Click on any icon to get to the corresponding filtered view on the Missing cards Details page

No data available

You can scroll horizontally to see more sets

{{numeral(set.value.expectedValue).format('0,0')}} EV

{{, b) => a += b.nbMissing, 0)}}
{{numeral(, b) => a += b.missingWeight, 0)).format('0,0')}}

{{set.value.expectedValueOther.key}} {{numeral(set.value.expectedValueOther.value).format('0,0')}} EV
Keep in mind that Innistrad: Midnight Hunt, Innistrad: Crimson Vow, Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty and Streets of New Capenna will rotate and can no longer be played in Standard starting Fall 2023.
Dominaria United, The Brothers' War, Phyrexia: All Will Be One, March of the Machine and Wilds of Eldraine will be legal in Standard until Fall 2024.

You must track decks first

Loading data...

Manage which live sources you want to follow — These decks are refreshed automatically

(...Initializing...Please refresh in 1 minute...)
{{formatScraperKey(, false)}} {{formatScraperKey(, false)}}
{{formatScraperKey(, false)}}

Add a new custom deck

{{modelUser.decks.length}} custom decks

Drafts to complete before opening boosters

This tool will help you know when to open your booster packs, if you want to optimize your collecting rate.

additional packs

Expected per draft

{{modelDraftsCalculator.quickDraft.winsPerDraft}} wins
{{modelDraftsCalculator.quickDraft.packsPerDraft}} packs rewarded
{{modelDraftsCalculator.quickDraft.raresPerDraft}} new Rares acquired
{{modelDraftsCalculator.quickDraft.mythicsPerDraft}} new Mythics acquired
{{modelDraftsCalculator.premierDraft.winsPerDraft}} wins
{{modelDraftsCalculator.premierDraft.packsPerDraft}} packs rewarded
{{modelDraftsCalculator.premierDraft.raresPerDraft}} new Rares acquired
{{modelDraftsCalculator.premierDraft.mythicsPerDraft}} new Mythics acquired
{{modelDraftsCalculator.traditionalDraft.winsPerDraft}} wins
{{modelDraftsCalculator.traditionalDraft.packsPerDraft}} packs rewarded
{{modelDraftsCalculator.traditionalDraft.raresPerDraft}} new Rares acquired
{{modelDraftsCalculator.traditionalDraft.mythicsPerDraft}} new Mythics acquired
{{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.nbRaresMissing}} missing Rares (obtainable from boosters)
{{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.nbMythicsMissing}} missing Mythics (obtainable from boosters)
{{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoRare.p}} unopened packs

Drafts to complete
before opening your packs:

{{numeral(modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.expectedNbDraftsToPlaysetRares).format('0,0.0')}} for Rares playset ( {{numeral(calculateDraftGoldCost(true)).format('0,0')}} or {{numeral(calculateDraftGemsCost(true)).format('0,0')}} )

You can expect to gain roughly {{numeral(calculateDraftGemsWon(true)).format('0,0')}} from playing {{Math.ceil(modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.expectedNbDraftsToPlaysetRares)}} drafts,
saving you {{numeral(calculateDraftGoldSaved(true)).format('0,0')}}

For a net cost of roughly {{numeral(calculateDraftGemsCost(true) - calculateDraftGemsWon(true)).format('0,0')}} or {{numeral(calculateDraftGoldCost(true) - calculateDraftGoldSaved(true)).format('0,0')}}

{{numeral(modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.expectedNbDraftsToPlaysetMythics).format('0,0.0')}} for Mythics playset ( {{numeral(calculateDraftGoldCost(false)).format('0,0')}} or {{numeral(calculateDraftGemsCost(false)).format('0,0')}} )

You can expect to gain roughly {{numeral(calculateDraftGemsWon(false)).format('0,0')}} from playing {{Math.ceil(modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.expectedNbDraftsToPlaysetMythics)}} drafts,
saving you {{numeral(calculateDraftGoldSaved(false)).format('0,0')}}

For a net cost of roughly {{numeral(calculateDraftGemsCost(false) - calculateDraftGemsWon(false)).format('0,0')}} or {{numeral(calculateDraftGoldCost(false) - calculateDraftGoldSaved(false)).format('0,0')}}

Calculation details

For Rares:
For Mythics:
D = (T - P*7/8*11/12 - R)/(N+W*7/8*11/12)
D = (T - P*1/8*11/12 - R)/(N+W*1/8*11/12)
For Rares
T = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoRare.t}}
P = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoRare.p}}
R = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoRare.r}}
N = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoRare.n}}
W = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoRare.w}}
For Mythics
T = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoMythic.t}}
P = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoMythic.p}}
R = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoMythic.r}}
N = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoMythic.n}}
W = {{modelDraftsCalculator[modelDraftsCalculator.draftTypeSelected].result.infoMythic.w}}
D Number of drafts you still need to do
T Total number of [Rares/Mythics] in a set you need to collect
P Total number of reward packs of that set already in your collection
R Total number of [Rares/Mythics] of that set already in your collection
N Number of "new" [Rares/Mythics] you pull from a draft on average (Higher earlier, lesser later, but an average across the set is fine.)
W Average number of reward packs from doing the draft
Mastery icon

Mastery pass calculator

{{modelMasteryPass.nbDaysLeft}} days left (ending on {{moment(modelMasteryPass.dateEnd).format('LL')}})
No data available

You are currently Level {{modelMasteryPass.currentLevel}} with an extra {{modelMasteryPass.currentXp}} XP

{{modelMasteryPass.expectedDailyWins}} daily wins expected

{{modelMasteryPass.expectedWeeklyWins}} weekly wins expected

Description XP worth
{{modelMasteryPass.dailyQuestsAvailable}} / 3 daily quests available {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthDailyQuestsToday).format('0,0')}}
{{modelMasteryPass.nbDaysLeft}} future daily quests {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthDailyQuestsFuture).format('0,0')}}
/ {{modelMasteryPass.expectedDailyWins}} daily wins completed today {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthDailyWinsToday).format('0,0')}}
{{modelMasteryPass.nbDaysLeft}} days of future daily wins {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthDailyWinsFuture).format('0,0')}}
/ {{modelMasteryPass.expectedWeeklyWins}} weekly wins completed this week {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthWeeklyWinsToday).format('0,0')}}
{{modelMasteryPass.nbWeeksLeft}} weeks of future weekly wins {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthWeeklyWinsFuture).format('0,0')}}
Total {{numeral(modelMasteryPass.xpWorthTotal).format('0,0')}}

Estimated final level: {{modelMasteryPass.finalLevel}}

Level 66: All free-to-play rewards

Level 80: All mastery pass rewards

* Please note that daily or weekly wins completed in the past that were not tracked are not accounted for because they do not appear in the log file.


Mastery pass rewards (ONE)

Jumpstart theme packs Rares/Mythics calculator

Themes here are ordered by priority you should open them for completing your collection the fastest
Theme Priority
Variant #
Variant Probability
Missing Rares/Mythics
Missing Land
{{theme.themeName}} {{theme.priority}}
No Standard cards in this pack
{{c.amount}} {{}}
{{theme.missingLand.amount}} {{}}

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Basic lands preference when importing a deck

Select your favorite lands and only those will appear in your decks to import into the game client

Your custom draft ratings and notes

You can enter here your own limited ratings and notes for each card and they will show up in the DraftHelper while draft picking


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